Workshops & Classes

Learn all the basic skills to create an encaustic work of art. Susan starts by giving a quick demo of several techniques. Then each student is given her guidance to create their own art. Each artist will create 2 – 3 pieces by the end of the workshop. Most supplies are included, even lunch. Images will be printed onto tibetan paper. 


One Day Workshop

Price: $110.00

Hours: 10am – 4pm

Dates: Saturday, Nov 3, 2018, Saturday Dec 1 2018

Techniques Covered: Chalk painting panel, waxing board, painting with wax, creating texture, marks and stencil to surface, adding images through collage and transfer, patina, finishing of painting. Other techniques come up when needed. 

What You Bring: 3 cradle wood panels around 12 x 16.

Lunch is provided. 

Two Day Workshop

Price: $220.00

Hours: 10am – 4pm

Dates: To be announced

Techniques Covered: Same lesson as the one day workshop + monoprinting with encaustic, burning and fusing fabric, shellac burn.

What you bring: 6 cradle wood panel assorted size (not exceeding 12 x 24).

The significant different between the one day workshop and the two day workshop is that you get to explore more and leave with more finished pieces.

Lunch is provided for both days. 


New Half Day Image Transfer Class

Price: $50.00

Hours: 1pm – 4pm

Dates:....Saturday Dec 8, 2018

This course begins with a demo about image transfer. Susan will demonstrate techniques you can incorporate. Each student will be given a primed board to create a piece of art. This is a nice way to experience encaustic to see if its a fit for you. You will not have to bring anything. 

Beverages are provided. 


Please contact Susan if you have any registration requests or method of payment inquiries
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